Have access to a range of accounting services that add value to the decision making processes

Management Outsourcing

No time for administrative management of your business? Access our services developed by a specialized technical team

Management Consulting

Our consulting services will be a value asset to implement the best strategy for your business, for example, during the elaboration of a Business Plan or at a raising financing plan

In partnership, we will build the bridge to reach the success of your company.


A professional team constituted by a range of specialized technicians in the main areas of management that are essential for the success of your company


We seek to be the “standard of excellence” in the provision of support management services for Micro Enterprises and SMEs


Solid ethical principles, firm character, professional dedication and proven technical skills


We seek to add value to your business

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Independent workers, doctors, lawyers, architects, consultants, computer scientists, designers, engineers, among others


Start-up projects and start-up companies (seed and early stage phases)


Externalize services for which you do not have know-how or because those tasks are required sporadically
Side by side we will write the history of your company.


Monthly Fee from:
Freelancers 100€
Start-Ups 125€
SME 150€
* At the indicated prices plus VAT at the legal rate in force
* Average non-binding price and subject to analysis and proposal
Monthly Fee from:
Billing 25€
Financial Management 75€
Human Resources 50€
Tax 100€
Real Estate Management 100€
* At the indicated prices plus VAT at the legal rate in force
* Average non-binding price and subject to analysis and proposal
Prices from: 1.000€
Business Plan
Management and Acquisitions Process
Business valuation
Restructuring Companies
Incentive Applications
* At the indicated price plus VAT at the legal rate in force
* Average non-binding price and subject to analysis and proposal
Together we will define and execute the most profitability solution.

Latest news

Incubation Valley: Results known until the end of March

O Vale de Incubação é uma das medidas que integra o Startup Portugal, a estratégia nacional para o empreendedorismo. As candidaturas a este incentivo de cinco mil euros terminaram a 20 de Janeiro. Os processos estão em fase de avaliação até 10 de Março e a “comunicação dos resultados está prevista até ao final desse […]

PortugalFoods – Internationalization of the agrifood sector 2015-2017

A PortugalFoods, na prossecução do seu objetivo de promoção da internacionalização das empresas do setor agroalimentar através de dois pilares – capacitação para a internacionalização e Business Intelligence – reforçou a sua atuação no PORTUGALFOODS HUB, submetendo um projeto mais abrangente para 2016/2017. Este projeto visa reforçar e promover a vocação e o conhecimento internacional […]

Call for Ideas’ Apreender 3.0 | Applications until March 13

A primeira ‘Call for Ideas’ – Criação do Próprio Emprego, Negócio ou Empresa é um programa de candidaturas para avaliar e selecionar ideias com potencial de criação do próprio emprego, negócio ou empresa, no âmbito do Projeto APREENDER 3.0 – Desenvolver Atitudes Empreendedoras, copromovido pela Portus Park, Fundação AEP e CEC/CCIC, cofinanciado pelo FEDER através […]

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