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Accounting is an essential tool in the practice of good business management. In addition to being only an administrative tool, the services provided by us add value to the decision making processes.

Our team performs general accounting, with or without cost centers, including the processing of all documentation that is the base for Analytical Balance Sheets, Balance Sheets and Income Statements. We develop the following acivities:

  • Analysis, preparation and classification of documents;
  • Financial Accounting;
  • Analytical and Budget Accounting;
  • Accounting and control of tangible and intangible fixed assets;
  • Preparation and submission of mandatory tax returns, under the terms of CIVA, CIRC and CIRS:
    • VAT;
    • IRS / IRC Retention;
    • Social Security;
    • Year-end Declaration (model 22);
    • IES;
    • Communications to the Tax Authority;
    • Communications to ACT and DGAE;
  • Closing accounts;
  • Elaboration of activity exploration maps and Management reports;
  • Creation and availability of a copy of the fiscal dossier;
  • Bookkeeping of minutes.

Also we Support in the Constitution of Company:

  • Registration of the company in the RNPC (includes application for admissibility of firm, declaration of commencement of activity, and enrollment in Social Security);
  • Support in obtaining all kind of licenses.