Management Consulting

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Nowadays managers are forced to decide more rationally and efficiently in all phases of resource allocation. A good management control and planning system is an essential tool to support decision-making processes, support the management of cash and working capital, as well as, at the analysis of expected results performance.


Business plan

The Business Plan is a fundamental document that will support the definition of the most appropriate strategy for the launch of your business, and should be supported by a quantitative, historical and forecast analysis, as well as, benchmarking indicators.

We are convicted that our services are the best GPS for your business, and should accompany the launch phase but also the whole business, in particular, raising capital from the Banking or Investors. We offer:

  • Strategic analysis of your business idea;
  • Suggestion of business ideas depending on the investment and profitability intended;
  • Analysis of the most suitable financing sources for your company and available in the market- banking and risk capital;
  • Development of an internationalization plan;
  • Benchmarking analysis (market and competition studies);
  • Economic and financial feasibility studies;
  • Definition of the best tax framework for your project.


Mergers and Acquisitions Process

Buying or selling companies are complex transactions that require specific skills and knowledge. Our team can help reducing the risks of future problems and avoid possible constraints that may occur during this process by developing the following activities:

  • Prior diagnosis of purchase or sale and framing in the activity sector;
  • Suggestion of actions to expand the potential of the company before the transaction;
  • Creation of a business dossier and respective valuation of the company;
  • Advice in the buying and selling process.


Evaluation of Companies and Investment Projects

We develop financial appraisals of commercial, industrial, service or investment companies that already carry out an economic activity or that they want to implement.

In this process we will take into account the economic, social and political context in which the evaluation is carried out, as well as the various evaluation models that exist, adequate to the specifications of each company / business.


Business Turnaround

If your company is going through a difficult time it is important to be familiar with the operational issues in order to re-earn profits. Your company may need a restructuring: either through an improvement of the organizational structure or even through the creation of more efficient internal operations. In this sense we will advise our clients in the various stages of the restructuring, mainly performing the following activities:

  • Preparation of financial restructuring plans including preparation of business plans;
  • Credit negotiation and credit control;
  • Operational recovery plans of the company;
  • Prepare the documentation for institutional partners and venture capital.


Financial and Tax Incentives

We manage the application process from the elaboration to the execution of the project and payment of the incentive, being assigned a manager who will accompany you from the initial technical meeting until the total receipt of the approved incentive.

  • Investment Incentives – Portugal 2020: Research and Technological, Development, Internationalization, Innovation.
  • Rural Development Investment Incentives – PDR 2020: Rural Tourism, Young Farmers, Farms, Business in Rural Area.
  • Incentives to entrepreneurship: Anticipation Unemployment Benefits, PAECPE – Own Creation, among others.