Management Outsourcing

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Administrative Management and Billing

  • Issuance of invoices.
  • Issuance of transport guides and other documents.
  • Centralization of telephone answering and correspondence.
  • Management and support in the process of executing debts.


Financial Outsourcing

  • Control of current customers and suppliers accounts.
  • Issuing of payment orders and their banking treatment.
  • Control of receipts and bank deposits.
  • Treasury budget management.
  • Outsourcing of financial management and management control.
  • Definition of KPIs / financial management indicators.
  • Financial analysis (periodic analysis of the company’s evolution in terms of profitability and cash flow).


Administrative Management of Human Resources

  • Salary processing:
    • Payroll and issuance of the receipts;
    • Payment guides;
    • Annual employee declaration with tax retentions;
    • Issuance of the Single Report (Relatório Único);
    • Social balance.
  • Management and processing of social security payments.
  • Recruitment, selection and creation of career plans.


Tax Consultant

  • Review of tax returns declarations.
  • Tax simulations of the accounting closing.
  • Planning and preparation of tax obligations.
  • Tax diagnosis, planning and prevention.
  • Support and follow-up of inspection actions by the tax administration.
  • Litigation support – tax complaints and challenges.
  • Estimated income taxes (IRC).
  • Deferred tax clearance.
  • Non-Resident Payment Scheme.


Real Estate Management


If you have real estate investments but do not have time to manage them, our team will act as administrators of your property undertaking the following tasks:

  • Define the best tax plan to maximize the profitability;
  • Mail management, transfers of water, electricity and gas bills;
  • Advertising on various websites;
  • Selection of potential customers;
  • Elaboration of a lease agreement;
  • Collection of income, issuance of receipts and notices;
  • Management of complaints and complaints;
  • Management of works and repairs;
  • Annual income update;
  • Legal support (drafting of contracts and support in conflict resolution).


In this way, you will have access to a team that will define the best financial strategy to monetize your properties by ensuring the economic viability of the farm through:

  • Lease under the NRAU;
  • Local Accommodation / Short Term Rental;
  • Rental of commercial spaces / offices.


We have partnerships with other companies such as energy certification of the property, construction workers and real estate insurers.